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The Guide To Booking Andheri Escorts


So, I was thinking today about the routine I have for when I’m planning on visiting an Andheri Escorts There are some unspoken rules when booking and meeting escorts which some people looking to meet companions may not know. Of course, it all starts with browsing through the gallery of ladies available on an agency website, but I seem to have a routine which, when done correctly, means I have the best experience every single time. Therefore, I thought I would create the ultimate guide to booking an escort to help anyone using Andheri Escorts.

Booking Escorts in Andheri


Unlike most escort agencies, here at Dior Escorts, our complete gallery of Andheri companions is on our homepage. We want our clients to be able to see the huge selection of over 100 escorts as soon as they enter our website and on our gallery, you will find the profile pictures of each of our ladies, with underneath each image, information about where the girl is located and how much they are available to book for.

Other features we have on our gallery is a Recommended banner on the profile pictures of each of the most popular and best reviewed escorts. You will also find a flashing ‘Available Now’ section underneath each girl’s image to show that they are available to book at on that given day. We have done this because sometimes some of our most popular Andheri ladies may not be available due to holidays or illness. Plus, recently we have introduced a sort feature to our gallery, so you can now actually sort our escorts by name, by low to high rates and even the sexiest selfie girls.


Filter To Find Your Perfect Call Girls in Andheri


Choose Andheri: Are you in a location around London and want to know which escorts are near you. Our ‘Choose Andheri’ filter shows you which ladies are based in a certain location and where if you were looking for an incall booking with a certain lady where it would take place.

Choose Type: Are you looking for a certain escort like a young busty girl or a mature party girl? Using our ‘Choose Type’ filter will show you each category of companion available at Andher Escorts Service. Once you find the type of lady you want to book, simply click on the category and you will be shown the gallery of each lady that meets that criteria. We feel this will enable you to find the type of escort you want to book as fast as possible

Choose Price: Are you looking to book an escort for £150, £200 or £300 plus? Find which girls are within your price range when you ‘Choose Price’ and be shown a full gallery of which ladies you can book at that certain price.

The Most FAQs About Our Gallery Page

  1. Are your escorts real?
  2. Of course. Each girl, each image and each description you find on our gallery is 100% real. We have worked within the industry for over 5 years and if none of our girls was real we would not have the loyal client base we currently do have.
  3. What does it mean when a girl has a location under their image?
  4. The location within London you can find under the girl’s images, stats where the girl is based. This is just general information which helps you know where you would be visiting should you book an incall booking. This doesn’t mean that the location is the only location you can book the girl in because all of our escorts are available for outcall bookings and will travel across London.
  5. What does it mean when it says selfie under the girl’s images?
  6. Our Selfie banner is used to highlight which of our escorts have selfies in their image gallery. If you click on a girl who has the selfie banner and browse through their images, you will find their selfie there.

Girls ProfilesFAQs about our girl’s profiles


Using The Girls Profiles


Our girl’s profiles are designed with our clients in mind as we aim to offer as much information to help our customers know exactly which lady they want to book. On every girl’s profile, you will find an exclusive gallery of images. All our girls have professional images whilst some ladies will have sexy selfies which really highlight their beauty.


You will also find, the ladies stats, rates and an about me section. These describe the ladies appearance, personality, where they are located and the services they enjoy with clients. This is the most detail you will ever need to know about booking the lady whilst offering you information to help you get to know the lady as well as possible before actually meeting her.


Finally, our girl’s profiles proudly show off the amazing reviews they have received from previous clients. We recommend reading what other punters have had to say about each lady.


To see an example of one of our girl’s profiles, Click here to view Poppy’s profile.

Extra Services?

Usually, you will find the extra services that are girls offer under their stats like Erika. If you don’t see the see extra services under this section of the girl’s profile, I would advise that you contact our agency and talk to our team who will contact the specific girl to find out if she is able to offer the service you are looking for


Reviews On the Girl’s Profiles


Reviews are very important to us here at Dior Escorts. Every review you find on our homepage or on a girl’s profile is authentic and has been written by one of our clients. We feel that reviews really benefit our customers who may never have booked a certain escort before as they show what other people think about that girl and the experience they had with her. We recommend that you always read a girl’s reviews before booking that escort and if you don’t trust the reviews on our website for some reason or another, you can see our ladies reviews on the independent escort review website www.a1andheriescorts.in

The Most FAQs About Our Girls Profiles


  1. Can I book an escort straight from the girl’s gallery?
  2. Unfortunately at this current moment with our agency, we don’t actually have that feature. Our phone number is at the top right-hand side and we have an online booking form. In the future, we may add this feature but currently, unlike some agencies in London, you can not book an escort from one of our girl’s profile.
  3. Are all the girl’s images real?
  4. Yes! Every lady that Dior Escorts represents has professional images. A fun fact is our escort agency was one of the first in London to have the ladies include selfies on their profiles. We now have the biggest collection of selfie escorts which we think helps punters see how the lady looks compared to her professional images so our clients can feel assured that our girls and their images are real.
  5. Where Can I find the Services the Lady Offers on her Profile
  6. Everything you need to know about the services a lady offers will be within the ‘About Me’ section under the title ‘Likes’. Here you will find a list of services like GFE and massage that the girl offers within her standard rates. If the girl offers extra services which come at an additional cost, you will find these services at the bttom of the ‘Stats section.frequently asked questions about our duo escorts

What Are Andheri Escorts

At Andheri Escorts, some of our escorts like to duo for clients. This means you are spending time in the company of two ladies instead of one. It works that you would pay for the two ladies time per hour like you would any booking, Duo bookings are not as complicated as many people think and are perfect for ladies and gentlemen who fantasise about threesomes or group experiences.

Where Can You Find Call Girls in Andheri

It is the dedicated page designed for our duo escorts. Here you will find each of the ladies who duo together as not all of our girls offer this service. You can also contact our agency over the phone to discuss duo bookings and see which girls are available for duo bookings.

The Most FAQs About Our Andheri Escorts

  1. Does a duo escort booking cost twice the price of a normal booking?
  2. Yes! You are paying for the time of two London escorts and therefore you simply pay the individually hourly rates for both the girls together. We feel that this is the simplest way of booking duo escorts.
  3. Can I book a duo booking for 30 minutes?
  4. Unfortunately not. This is because getting two ladies to your location and setting up the date would take too long and you wouldn’t benefit from the whole duo experience which we want our clients to enjoy.
  5. Can I book a duo experience using the online booking form?
  6. Yes, you can! There is a section of the booking form where you can choose two names of our girls who duo together. By completing the form with the two ladies names in the details, we will know that you are booking a duo escorting session with the ladies you have chosen. We will then get in touch with the ladies and call you back to confirm availability.

Incall Escort Services most common questions Andheri Escorts receives about Incall

What is an Incall Booking

Incall bookings are a service where the punter travels to the escorts home/apartment in order to enjoy time in their company. Most of our clients enjoy this booking method as it is slightly cheaper than outcall bookings and it makes the date much more discreet.

Preparing For An Incall Booking

There is nothing worse than leaving a lady waiting, especially when you’re paying for her time. I aim to get to the ladies address where I’ve planned to meet her 30 minutes early – that gives me time to go to the bathroom, check I’m looking my best and order a drink for us both. Treat the woman right and she will please you in more ways than you knew possible. You both know why you’re there meeting each other but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this initial time getting to know one another to break any kind of ice there may be.

Transport. It is important that you not only think of yourself at this point but also the woman your planning to meet. You also do not want to be late for the booking as this is a waste of time and money. You also need to remember that you are visiting the escorts home and you need to treat it as your own home and be very respectful.

Me personally, I like to use Uber Executive as I can guarantee what car is going to pick me up and I am safe in the knowledge that I can see the distance and travel time to my destination in a licensed and tracked car. Uber also doesn’t need to be per booked, nor do Black Cabs, but other private firms such as Addison Lee may require a prior booking. I have added links below to both the Uber and Addison Lee websites and also to a taxi fare comparison site so you could look for what is best for you.


For myself, however, because I quite like to get the feel of London on my way to meet my date, I will be jumping onto the London Underground and then taking a stroll from the station to Claridge’s. The closest station is Bond Street which is on both the Central and Jubilee lines making my journey a doddle. If you’re not familiar with London’s public transport then the TFL website, linked below, can help with its simple journey planner. You can download a copy of London’s tube map onto your phone for reference to save you need to access the internet each time.

The Most FAQs About Our Incall Andheri Escort Services

  1. When do I need to pay for the incall booking?
  2. The way we tell any of our clients to pay whether that be an incall or outcall booking is that you pay via cash in a sealed envelope within the first 15 minutes of meeting your date. From past experiences, you don’t really want your date to ask you for the money because this can be awkward and spoil the atmosphere.
  3. What should I do if I arrive early to the booking?
  4. I would recommend waiting. If you are 5 minutes early you can knock on at her apartment and see if the lady is ready. If you are very early, you can call our team and we will contact the lady and see if she is available to meet you slightly earlier.
  5. Can I get drunk before an incall booking?
  6. Definitely not! You are entering a ladies home and you need to treat her house like your own, with respect. You have to keep in mind that her neighbours etc may not know her career so turning up being rude and disrespectful due to being drunk can lead to our escort cancelling the booking

Outcall Escort Services

most frequently asked questions regarding outcall booking

What is An Outcall Escort Service

So what is an outcall booking? An outcall booking is one of the most popular booking methods at Andheri Escorts. The booking consists of paying a little extra to cover travels costs to have an escort meet you in a destination of your choice whether that be home, apartment or hotel etc. Booking a girl to come to your home address is known as a ‘Private Outcall’. Customers often do this out of convenience, because it is completely private and for comfort ability. It really is the ideal booking for people who aren’t as confident travelling to an escort’s home.

Preparing For An Outcall Booking

There is something about a well-groomed man that could turn any woman on – working girls included. There must be nothing worse for a girl to spend time getting ready, making herself look and feel 100%, turning up to meet a customer who either haven’t made an effort or has poor self-hygiene. Getting ready for an outcall booking can be a simple process if you’re able to follow the steps we’ve listed below.

First step – Personal Hygiene
Start with the basics; have a hot shower (making sure you wash every area of your body), shave, brush your teeth and trim down any long fingernails!

Second Step – Self Confidence
Choosing an outfit that makes you feel most confident but still comfortable is key. You don’t want to choose something you’ll feel awkward in, that’s difficult to get in and out of or anything that might ruin the moment. For example, stay away from any unattractive underwear or knackered old socks. There’s an age-old saying that if you feel good within yourself you’ll make others around you feel good – which is exactly what you’re aiming for and a person that feels confident is always sexier!

Third Step – Planning Ahead

Wasting time is not something you want to be doing when you’ve paid for a service. Planning ahead will ensure that you maximise the time you have with whoever it is you’ve chosen, although quite often things don’t go to plan when things start getting steamy. Remember for all outcalls you are expected to pay for the girls travel and with some agencies, they may require you to arrange how the lady arrives to you. With Dior Escorts, this is a little different as we make all travel arrangements but it is something to keep in mind. If you are looking for your date to meet you at your hotel be sure to know your hotel name, room number and you may need to let the reception know you are expecting a guest. If you have booked a ‘private outcall’, where a girl visits your home address, then make sure the environment is clean, safe and comfortable. Clean bed sheets and a tidy bathroom/bedroom make a lot of difference.

The final step – knowing what you want

Again, you do not want to waste any time so it’s best you have a think about what it is your wanting the outcome of the night to be, not only because you need to pay in advance but also because you don’t want any awkward periods. You’ll get what you pay for so if you’re wanting to live out a fantasy or explore a new fetish don’t be shy in saying what you want and how you’d like it done. It’s a given that you’ll part ways with smiles on your faces so enjoy your booking and if you can let us know if our advice helped you at all!

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Outcall Bookings

  1. Why are outcall services more expensive than incall bookings?
  2. Outcall bookings are more expensive simply because you are charged an extra fee which covers the ladies travel cost.
  3. Where will an outcall escort meet me?
  4. Here at Dior Escorts, our outcall escorts will travel to any of the locations which our agency covers. These locations can be found on our homepage but rest assured that we cover the majority of Greater London.

Once our lady knows your location, they are happy to meet you at your home/apartment, hotel room, restaurant or bar. It really is up to you where you meet our girls.

  1. How fast can you get an outcall escort to my location?
  2. We aim to get our ladies to you as fast as possible. We offer same day bookings, but should you want a lady to you in 30 minutes, for example, we try our very best to accommodate this. It really depends on which lady you would like to meet, where she is based and where you are located.do you book an escort online

How To Book An Escort Over The Phone

Andheri Escorts
Andheri Escorts

If you are interested in spending some time with one of our girls, the most common way to make a booking is via phone. It is as easy as easy could be. The best way to start is by having a browse through the available girls on the website, you can refine the search by location, sexual preferences, price and recommendation. Once you have a few girls in mind that you would be interested in booking call 0000000000 and speak to Rachael. She will ask you some questions to find out where it is you would like to meet the girl? how long for and what time? What do you want your booking to consist of? Do you have a specific girl in mind? Once she has this information she will text you a list of available girls who suit your requirements. You can then ring her back on the same number, 0000000000 and inform her of which one you’d like to book.

Please remember that if you want the girl you have chosen to meet you at your hotel you will need to provide your full name and room number. If your room requires a key then Rachael will call you 5 minutes before arrival so you can meet your date in the lobby.

All of our girls appreciate any feedback you may be willing to give. Some of our clients tend to call us back to take the time to leave a review and let us know how fantastic your experience was!

How To Book An Andheri Escorts Online

Although the easiest way to book is via phone, it is also possible to do so online. On the Dior Escorts website, you will find a ‘bookings’ tab. Upon clicking this you will be redirected to a simple booking form. We ask that you please enter all relevant information such as the lady you would like to book, the time and location of the bookings, the length of the bookings and your contact information. Once you have completed the form, click submit. You will be required to provide a phone number as all bookings must be confirmed via phone, we also ask you to provide a time that best suits you to receive this phone call to save any confusion.

Spending Time with Our Escorts in Andheri

Places To Enjoy in The Company Of An Escort

We’ve often been asked which bars and restaurants are best to take an escort out to during a booking. If often depends on what sort of vibe you want to create as the City of London offers such a large variety ranging from well-known large establishments to small, private function rooms. It rings true that only the best of the best can be found in the best places; which is very much true in this industry. You won’t find one of our high class escorts spending her time in a Maccy D’s or the local greasy café that’s for sure!

My Top five are listed below and I’d urge you to take full advantage as I don’t think there’s a place in this city I haven’t tried at least once! Mira Road Escorts